Organised by

Hong Kong Montessori Research and Development Association Limited (HKMRDA)

Co-organised by

American Montessori Society (AMS)
The Education University of Hong Kong (EduHK)
--Department of Early Childhood Education
Association for Childhood Education International
--Hong Kong and Macau (ACEI-HK&M)

Montessori Asia (MA)

Organising Committee

Lau Wing Sze, Daisy, HKMRDA
Yau Chun Ming, 
Dr. Leung Wai Man, Vivienne, EdUHK
Dr. Lau Po Lin, Becky, ACEI-HK&Macau
Dr. Cheuk-Wong Kwok Sai, Tricia, ACEI-HK&Macau
Dr. Lai Yuk Ching, Eva,
Dr. Joyce Ho, ACEI-HK&Macau


The Montessori education method is becoming popular in Asia in the last few decades. Under the support of American Montessori Society (AMS), the ground-breaking “Montessori Asia Conference (MAC)” was held by a group of enthusiastic Montessori educators in Taipei in 2009. The conference aims at promoting the development of Montessori education in Asia in line with effort to integrate the Montessori philosophy with the Asian culture, and to create peaceful family, school and the world. A new organization named “Montessori Asia (MA)” was established following the first MAC conference in Taipei. The founders of Hong Kong Montessori Research and Development Association (HKMRDA) are also a  founding members of MA, and they proudly organize the 7th MAC in Hong Kong in 2017. Since 2009, Montessori Asia Conference (MAC) has been held in six Asian cities.