Conference Programme


Day 1 Schedule

20 May 2017

08:00 - 09:00
Reception and Registration

09:00 - 09:40
Opening Ceremony

09:40 - 10:40
Keynote Address 1  Professor Joyce Pickering & Gina Lofquist: Inclusion - Respecting Each Child's Learning Difference

10:40 - 11: 05
Tea Break

11:05 - 11:55
Keynote Address 2  Professor Angeline Lillard: More Science Behind the Genius

11:55 - 12:45
Keynote Address 3  Professor Elizabeth Jones: Examining Hong Kong Children's Relations with Objects

12:45 - 13:45

13:45 - 14:35
Guest Lecture 4  Geoffrey E. Bishop: Nature, the First and Essential Environment  
Presentation 5  Elizabeth Park, Yan Yan Imamura: The Benefits and Challenges of Intergenerational Centre that offer Adult Day Care and Montessori-based Preschool
Presentation 6  Dialogue with Professor Lillard
Presentation 7  Chia-Hsun (Johnson) Chang: How can Children Improve Mathematics by using Montessori Approach under an Educational System

14:35 - 15:25
Guest Lecture 8  Kimitoshi Matsuura: Montessori as Peace Education - Is there enough focus on Peace Education as much as we teach math and language?
Presentation 9  Karin Ann: Multisensory Learning in the Dual Language Environment  
Presentation 10  Gao Likui, Zhao Yue, Zhu Lin: The Birth of a Rural Chinese Montessori Kindergarten    
Presentation 11  Tan Jianguo, Zhang Jinfen: The Birth of Montessori Chinese Cultural Materials - Hand is Our Second Brain

15:25 - 15:50
Tea Break

15:50 - 16:40
Guest Lecture 12  Maria Yu: Research in Chinese PinYin and Chinese Characters from Persepctive of the Taiwan Montessori Education Development
Presentation 13  Audrey Wong: Montessori Learning - More Effective, Higher Level Learning
Presentation 14  Susan Lee: Keeping a Good Quality in Montessori Teacher Education Program
Presentation 15  Li Hsiu-Li: Research of Appyling the Picture Book in Peaceful Education of Young Children

16:40 - 17:30
Guest Lecture 16  Li Shuying: A Reflection on the Integration of Montessori Education and the Tradtional Chinese Culture
Presentation 17  Daisy Lau, Ralph Yau: From Zero to Infinity - Montessori Parent Education in Chinese Community
Presentation 18  Andreas Becker: Montessori West meets East - a Comparison of Montessori in Germany and Thailand
Presentation 19  Brian Hui, Trevor Wong: Montessori Culture Curriculum for the Children Going Back to Nature

Exhibition 1  Casa dei Bambini (Aged 3-6 Montessori Classroom)
AMS & AMI Teachers from various educational organisations
Exhibition 2  Poster Session
HKMRDA/ The Education University of Hong Kong/ Professor Michelle Lane-Barmapov/ Japan Montessori Institute/ Capital Education Institute/ Andreas Becker/ Dalian Hongmei Bilingual Kindergarten
(12:35-13:55 Sharing of poster ideas)
Exhibition 3  "Touching Moment" Photo Exhibition

Day 2 Schedule

21 May 2017

09:00 - 09:50
Keynote Address 20  Professor Michelle Lane-Barmapov: Montessori and Autism

09:50 - 10:40
Guest Lecture 21  Fanny Wai-Fan Lam: Update On Neuroscience Underpinning Child Development - Why The First 1,000 Days Matters?
Presentation 22  Charmaine Li: Understanding the Works of Occupational Therapist
Presentation 23  Vincent Wong: Infinite Music - Implementation of Musical Minds in a Hong Kong Montessori School
Presentation 24  Ma Xiaojia: Cultural Inheritance of Chinese Ethnic Minorities in Montessori way
Presentation 25  Horance Wong, Floreta Liu: "Curriculum" in a Hong Kong Montessori School
Workshop 1  Cheung Hiu Fai, Chinese Music Ensemble and Montessori parents: Interactive Chinese Music Concert
Workshop 2-1a  Teachers of Infinity Children's School: Infant Community - Toddler and Parent Class Demonstration

10:40 - 11:05
Tea Break

11:05 - 11:55
Guest Lecture 26  Ke Xiaowei: The Impact of Montessori Teaching on Modern Chinese Education
Guest Lecture 27  Lim Chuan Yew, Ralph Yau: The Effect of Spinal Cord Curving and Scoliosis on a Growing Child
Presentation 28  Japan Montessori Institute: Preparing Rich Culture Environment for Our Beginners - Localization of Montessori in Japan
Presentation 29  Selina Cheung: The First Lesson for Children - Physics
Presentation 30  Cheng Ka Chon: Coexistence of Traditional and Montessori Education
Presentation 31  Yu Qishi: Montessori Children Learn Piano (canceled)
Workshop 2-1b  Daisy Lau: Infant Community - The Wisdom of Observation

11:55 - 12:45
Keynote Address 32  Professor Jayne Osgood: "Quick, come! There is something really Chinese-y going on in the baby room right now" - Towards Critical Affirmative Research Practices in Early Childhood Education

12:45 - 13:45

13:45 - 14:35
Guest Lecture 33  I-Fang Lee: The Promise of Montessori Approach to Early Education in Today's Education Climate
Presentation 34  Maureen Kong: Enhancing the Quality and Sensitivity of Parent-Child Interactions in Pre-school Children with Developmental Disabilities
Presentation 35  Rosemary Gosse: Creating a Road Map for a Montessori School
Presentation 36  Daisy Lau, Teresa So: The Art of Chinese Characters  
Presentation 37  Hung Chueh-Mei: Spiritual Development Process of Montessori Teacher  
Presentation 38  Jesmine Lok: More than Just a Puzzle
Workshop 2-2  Teachers of Zhejiang Mroad Culture and Education, Chen Ying, Lian Chao: Infant Community - Demonstration of Infant and Toddler Teaching Materials by AMI Teachers

14:35 - 15:25
Guest Lecture 39  Liu Wen: Montessori Education and Children Creativity
Presentation 40  Teresa Tsai: Montessori Journey from Early Childhood to Primary School
Presentation 41  Cheryl Lam: How to Secure the Language Sensitive Period
Presentation 42  Daisy Lau, Shirley Chen: The Root of Peace - The Plan of Infant Teacher in Peace Education
Presentation 43  Leung Shuk Yee, Lee Shun Wai: The Fact of Applying Montessori Method in Hong Kong Kindergarten
Workshop 2-3  Teachers of Infinity Children's School, Chan Hoi Man, Chan Po Shan, Halo Sze: Infant Community - Infantand Toddler Extension Works designed by AMS teachers

15:25 - 15:50
Tea Break

15:50 - 16:40
Keynote Address 44  Professor Marlene Barron: Rethinking Education in a Flat World

16:40 - 17:30
Closing Ceremony

Exhibition 2  Poster Session
HKMRDA/ The Education University of Hong Kong/ Professor Michelle Lane-Barmapov/ Japan Montessori Institute/ Capital Education Institute/ Andreas Becker/ Dalian Hongmei Bilingual Kindergarten
Exhibition 3  "Touching Moment" Photo Exhibition

Exhibition 4  Deng Chao, Liu Li Wei: Awakening the Sense of Art

Networking Dinner

Time: 6:00 - 7:30pm
Venue: Chinese Restaurant, The Education University of Hong Kong
Registration is full

Day 3 Schedule

School Visit (22 May 2017) 

Time: 9:30 - 11:00am
Registration is full